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3rdiesoterics About Us

About 3rdiesoterics


3rdiesoterics Spiritual Products is your supplier for esoteric alchemy condition spell oils, love elixir perfumes, enchanted colognes, sachet powders, incense, inscribed candles, aura cleansing herbs, chakra salt baths and mojo protection bags for powerful and effective magickal spells.

Our magickal blends are crafted from formulas based on esoteric positive energy from Southern Hoodoo Rootwork; Sanse Espiritismo; 21 Divisions; Santeria Orishas; Palo Mayombe; Brazilian Umbanda and Quimbanda; Haitian Voodoo; Mexican Santa Muerte practices; Wicca; and energies derived from Kabbalah, Reiki, Feng Shui and Crystal Magick as well as many other spiritual disciplines. There are many faith followings in the art of Alchemy to create your unique spiritual mediumship for your esoteric success. 

Let us help you find your spiritual connection to this amazing transcendence.

Our exclusive powerful line of New Age Spiritual Products 3rdiesoterics and our wholesale division 3rdiproducts are available at our retail location House of Grace Spiritual Gift Shop in Mineola, New York.  Your one stop place for the best esoteric products in today's market.

Both our website and retail store offers a powerful line of Spiritual products based on the hidden science of Alchemy the art of esoteric magick.  We carry a diverse line of spiritual goods and services catering to an array of spiritual followings.

For your convenience please shop online or come into our retail shop; and do give us a call at:


We are available 11a.m. to 7p.m. Mon. thru Sat. to speak with an experienced consultant, who can guide you on your spiritual quest and answer some of our products usage and questions.

We use real essential oils, herbs, roots, and minerals because we believe that the quality of our materials is what determines the power and effectiveness of our products. 


Our Alchemy line of products are empowered by elements that may not be hypoallergenic to all skin types, so we always recommend a test patch before applying large quantities of our oils to the skin.

With Magickal Spells patience is a virtue, results may very due to your personal level of connecting with the use of conjured elements.  What may take some practioners a day to resolve may take others several moon cycles due to your level of determination, belief and faith. We make no claims for our products - all are sold as curios only in good energy.


Our philosophy and practice is providing products and knowledge that serve to invoke the highest spirituality, while in the privacy of your sacred spaces...

An Alternative Spiritual Shop for the Mind, Body & Soul.

Our mission is simple: To empower you to take control of your own spirituality by providing the best esoteric products with the largest selection available. 

In business since 2003, our legacy is to enlighten the evolutionary process of individual spiritual growth.  Count on us to be your perfect one stop online shopping source for all your esoteric needs.



Who we are:
My name is Grace Esoterics founder of House of Grace Spiritual Gift Shop and creator of 3rdiesoterics an exclusive line of spiritual products, as well as 3rdiproducts our wholesale distribution division.

My family comes from a line of clairvoyant and homeopathic intuitive Afro-Caribbean women. My grandmother, on my father’s side, was an avid user of herbal remedies, while my great grandmother, on my mother’s side, was a psychic intuitive in her own eclectic way.
My mother, on the other hand, selected the path of Santeria opening up Botanica Laz Luz in 2001, in New York's Upper Manhattan with years of experience in the esoteric field.  While I grew up amongst these spiritual women, I too developed their wondrous abilities connecting everything that they taught me to the aspect of the greater all.

I lived my early years in New York City where I completed my B.A. in International Studies, with a minor in Business Management, and a few courses in theology, astronomy and society under my belt. As I tried to stay competitive in the job market, I elected a career in the travel and tourism industry where I ascended to several managerial positions but somehow I felt unaccomplished and without purpose.  However, 15 years later the effects of post 9/11 changed my career path, as I fallen prey like many Americans to the rising unemployment, so I made a bold career change and went to work for my mother's spiritual shop "Botanica La Luz" in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York.  There I managed the business aspect of the spiritual products and services being offered.


As I expanded my knowledge of the esoteric market, I became an eclectic solitaire, a practitioner of combined theologies; and I developed a line of esoteric products to assist my journey for spiritual balance and enlightenment, that I can now make available to you in the comfort of your own home.  I best define what I do, as alchemy the transmutation of esoteric energy for the greater good. 


Our paths lead us to our everlasting beginning, that faces us with many roads to choose from.  But what good is it to ascend to a place that is meaningless to our own existence; we must first learn the meaning of life in order to accept our rightful place in the universal order.  I believe that we have to live many lives and encounter many spiritual disciplines in order to evolve into this rightful level of consciousness, and I am committed to providing you with the same access that I was granted in order to help you achieve your own rite of passage.

And remember your life is defined by the number of people that pray for your help once you have gone. 
 My purpose is now clear...It's to serve the journey of those who need to be kindled.

Best Regards,

Grace Esoterics

key terms to lookout for while shopping:
    alchemy - the transmutation of energy; conjure - a magickal preperation; aura cleansing - removes negative energy; es
oteric - a spiritual secret science; herbal infusion – a brew of herbs & oils; incantation - a spoken spell;   magickal – a mystical power; so mote it be - come true; psychic - an exchange of soul energy...ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY...

We will be adding many new products and extra features over the next few months, so do come back regularly. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Wordpress.

Contact us Online

By Phone:  Retail 516-747-1655 or Wholesale 866-759-3rdi (3734) 

Come visit us at our Retail/Wholesale Store located at: 
210 Willis Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501

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